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What do we offer?

We buy old Steam games that no longer bring profit to the developer. Sometimes it happens that games don't accept revenue for the last year at all, then we somehow agree on a price with the developer and buy it.

What do we do with the games after buying?

We modernize traffic with marketing methods. We optimize the page in Steam and We re-promote steam games for our future profit.

What do we need from a developer to buy his steam (page) game rights ?

We are only talking about the version of the game that is in Steam.
The copyright of the game on other platforms remains with gamedeveloper.
We do not need the source code of the game if the developer has lost it.
We do not need future support from the developer if the developer cannot provide it.
If the developer wants to leave his authorship on the page, we do not remove it

How to transfer the rights of your steam game?

  1. Transferer initiates the transfer. The existing manager of an app will:

    • enter the e-mail address of the recipient to initiate the transfer .

    • choose an effective date for the transfer, see more about the effective date below.

    • provide a reason for the transfer so Valve can more easily review and approve the transfer.

  2. Recipient approves the transfer. The recipient will:

    • receive an e-mail notifying of the pending transfer. That e-mail leads to the App Transfer Tool under the "Tools" menu in Steamworks.

    • see any pending transfers initiated by other partners.

    • need to have Actual Authority for the Steamworks partner account to complete an app transfer.

  3. Transferer re-confirms the transfer.

  4. Valve will review the transfer. If there are questions about the reason for the transfer, we will email the actual authority users to obtain more information.

  5. Transfer complete. Once approved, all management rights transfer to the new partner.

More details how it works can be found in the Steamworks documentation: /doc /gettingstarted /managing_apps/ transfer

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